29 Luglio 2021
Gift Packaging
gifts packaging

The gift package of L'Anatra d'Oro Boutique Toscana is offered at no additional cost.

When you are asked, in the page of the item you wish to give, please indicate if your purchase is a Gift so that it will be prepared in a gift box.

Greeting card: A dedicated rectangular space will open immediately below, always on the page of the chosen article, where you can write, if you wish, a text that will be faithfully copied onto a ticket and included in the gift package.

Thus his Gift will be complete: gift and greting card !

With the "Gift" option you can choose which address to deliver your gift to.
In the case of a "Gift" purchase, the accompanying invoice will be sent via e-mail to his address and obviously not to that of the gift recipient.

If you want more information, or give special instructions for the gift and delivery, contact us via e-mail: info@anatradoro.it

Thank you.

( Please note: If the text, written by the Customer, had an offensive, abusive, insulting sense, order will be canceled.)

The Art of Gift

Choosing a gift is an art characterized by attention and research. Attention to the tastes and desires of the recipient of the gift and research on where to find the object he intends to give.
And what about the packaging and delivery methods?

Realizzazione siti web www.sitoper.it
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