15 Maggio 2021
Made in Italy

Exclusively Made in Italy Products

All items for sale on the website www.en.anatradoro.com are produced in Italy and therefore exclusively Made in Italy and in particular Made in Tuscany. High quality Italian products, made in artisan workshops or in small family-run companies, where the art of "knowing how" and the passion for a job well done and attention to detail is handed down from generation to generation.

Made in Italy is an ancient prestige that is based on creativity combined with quality and inventiveness, but also on specialization and differentiation, elegance and refined Italian style.

What is Made in Italy

The expression "Made in Italy" has been used by Italian producers since the eighties as part of a process of revaluation and defense of the Italianness of the product in order to counter the falsification of Italian artisan and industrial production. Thus indicating the uniqueness of Italian International mainly in four traditional sectors: fashion, food, furniture and mechanical engineering (automotive, industrial design, machinery and shipbuilding), also known as "Four A ", Abigliamento/Clothing, Alimentari/Food & Beverage, Arredamento/Furniture and Automobili/Automotive.

The Made in Italy official guarantee mark was born in 1990. Since 1999, Made in Italy has started to be protected by associations such as the Institute for the Protection of Italian Producers and regulated by Italian law.

In recent times the Made in Italy brand, one of the most falsified brands in the world, has become decisive for Italian exports and so it is often considered as a separate product category all over the world.

Made in Tuscany

Tuscany is known throughout the world for its art, culture, enchanting landscapes, its gastronomy and not least for its high-end manufacturing.
It is certainly no coincidence that some of the most famous international high fashion brands have their own factories in Tuscany. High quality craftsmanship and manufacturing is not improvised. It takes many years of hard work to train people who are truly capable of making small or large masterpieces.

Quality Products

We live in an increasingly globalized world, and there is no doubt that this entails enormous benefits, but it is also true that the offer of products is increasingly standardized.
Probably someone prefers, for his purchases, to leave the choir and choose Italian products that know how to convey, to those who receive them, that taste that is a bit refined and exclusive, which becomes increasingly difficult to meet.
This is the objective of L'Anatra d'Oro Boutique Toscana; provide our customers with selected products of good and high quality. Purchased online with one click and delivered almost all over the world.

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