20 Ottobre 2020

What Customers Write to Us

Here a selection of some e-mail texts, stored in the archive,
that our customers have written to us:

Dear Mrs Marchi,
thank you for the fast delivery. The gown is very nice!
The packaging is so beautiful!
Berlin - Germany

Hello !
Today your article arrived !Thank you very much !
It was very quick ! I never recieved a such nice parcel !
It was a present, with a beautiful paper and ribbon.
The jacket is beautiful too!
Italy remains the country of beauty and perfection !
.......all Europe has to learn a lot from Italy!
Greeting to Firenze, where I have good friends !

Dear Signora Marchi,
The towels arriver yesterday.
They are quiet lovely and I am very pleased with them indeed.
And thany you so much for th welcome present !
Everything was so beautyfully packed,
I felt I was received a very special gift.
It was very kind of you to take such
care and the present
will be perfect in my dressing room and so useful.
At same stage I will order more towels.....
Best wisches.

Dear Mrs. Marchi,
I would like to thank you for dending a
wonderful things.
I love Rosso Fiorentino which I received one time
from Italian woman.....
I so happy to find your shop.
You have very nice things and it is good to
know that for the future.
I wish You succes with Your shop.
Regards. A.K.

The diffusers are exactly what I bought when
i was in Florence last December
and this is the best diffuser I have ever tried.
Really I love it !

Mrs. Cristina,
I am writing to thank you and inform you that
the expedition arrived days ago ....
And also let you know that the gift was very appreciated!
I'm really excited about the purchase.
Finally after so much searching I found the right one.
Kind regards.
V. R.

The package has arrived - very punctual!
The item purchased is really very beautiful and of great value.
Congratulations on your high quality production.
It was a real pleasure to buy from you.
A very cordial greeting ....

Dear Mrs. Marks,
today in the afternoon the package was delivered to me by the courier.
The robe is really as I thought it was,
that is a beautiful head and a beautiful color,
thank you for your precision and kindness.
I send you the most cordial greetings
P.S. When I will be interested in some object
tasteful Italian
I will contact you again.

Gen.ma Sig.ra Marchi,
in my name and in the name of my wife
we congratulate you
for the pareo we purchased.
My wife loved it.
We send you our most cordial greetings.

Hello. We received the paperweight.
It is beautiful and refined ....... Until next time

I was casually at the PC and I am always very "determined" in my choices ....
This is the kind of gift I love to make and it is not easy to find sellers
that meet the required requirements.
Glad to "have discovered you" by browsing online ...
I will undoubtedly replicate the purchase ... See you soon

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